Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Road Trippin'

A Lovely Summer in Maine

August, 2008

Before Sarah and I headed across the country we spent a few days enjoying beautiful Maine! I got to meet some of Sarah's friends and had a fun night of dinner and played a couple games of "Scene It; Friend's Edition" and it was a ton of fun! But before long, it was time to hit the road! Day 1, on our way to New York!
Sarah drove for the first two days, a total of 18 hours or so. It's ok, I entertained us both ;-)
By the end of Day 2, we'd arrived in Chicago and because we'd crossed into Central Time, we gained an hour. It was great! Here we are enjoying a coctail in the Lounge of the John Hancock Building. What a view...I wish I had a picture!
That night, after a little window shopping, we'd heard about the pizza place to eat at, so we had to check it out. Giordano's. And it was, the best pizza I've ever had!
We enjoyed our hotel room-The Inn of Chicago, right on the Magnificent Mile. It was the first time I'd ever stayed in a city before-it was great!
Anyway, the next morning we went out to explore the city. We started at the Navy Pier.
We rode the ferris wheel...
...then to the Millenium Park...
...and as we walked through the park, we heard an orchestra rehearsing, and it was incredible. It reminded me of a time when I used to be on a stage like that. I missed it a little. They were performing the following night, but we would be in Colorado by then. But we had some exciting plans for that night..."Wicked"
my new favorite musical!
Here we are in our hotel on our way out to the show. It was so great, I'm still listening to the soundtrack!
We had a great time in Chicago, but the next morning we had to leave early so we could get to Colorado at a decent hour. It was a looong last day, but we made it, safe and sound, all the way home :-)

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Tara said...

nice pics! glad you had a nice visit to chi-town. i LOVE that pizza, too, and wished i'd gotten a chance to see wicked in chicago! :)