Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm Back!

Ok folks, don't die of shock, but I'm back! It's time to catch up a bit and though I can't promise detailed accounts of every hike and crazy adventure, I'll do my best to share the best stories :-)

Before I get inot my trip to South America this past October, here are a few of my favorite photos from this past year...

Visiting my brother and sister-in-law in Virginia in March, 2009

Me, Matt & Courtney at Barboursville Winery, Charlottesville, Virginia

Leah and I took a boat trip to Fort Sumpter, here she is on the boat.

I also got to visit Jane on this trip! And met her boyfriend, Ryan

DC is one of my favorite cities and Jane humored me by visiting the museum of American History as well as this lovely conservatory.

June, 2009 Liz and I travelled to Seattle for the Rock 'n' Roll half marathon and then took a little vacation up to British Columbia. We drove up to Penticton to tour a few wineries and also visited the Harrison Hot Springs. It was a ton of fun!

Champions! Liz ran the full and I finished the half. We had a gorgeous day!Liz and I in Harrison Enjoying a glass of wine in Penticton
I'd always wanted to run a race on my birthday and I randomly found one down in Phoenix and couldn't resist!! Liz joined me and we had a wonderful time!

Pre-race pic, we were ready to Rock 'n' Roll!

Liz had the idea to make a cape for the race, and it was so fun!!

I guess I did a few races in's Nell, Kelly and I at the Rock Canyon Half in Pueblo last December, 2009
In between races, I still found some time to ski. Charity and I are gearing up for a day at Keystone President's Day weekend.
We all had such a great time the first day, we decided to stay a second day and ski Breck. Liz and I at the top or Peak 6 or 7, I don't remember which one.
In August one of my very dear friends got married! Congrats, Danielle and Brian!

Our Colorado family picture. December 2008
Mike, Carrie and me
Last summer, as I have every summer before, I made it out to New York to visit my sister Heather and her beautiful family!
Jacob and Katie
Making cookies. Mmmmm!
Katie got to sample the dough, I think she liked it!While I was in NY, Heather and I ran Utica's Boilermaker. Jacob ran the kids 1/2 mile the day before. Here we are before his big race!
It's also become a tradition to go to a fun little water & theme park. Jacob is growing up so fast, he loved the Tilt-a-Whirl!
Heather, Katie and I on the Merry-go-Round
In May, 2009, my parents came out to visit. I took them on a "gentle" hike a little ways up barr trail and then back down. I think it was a little more than they wanted to do, but were such good sports!
We also visited the top of Pike's Peak! Yup, there was snow in May!
Now some of my hiking adventures...
The crew climbing up The Lost Rat Couloir. My first couloir climb and I loved it!

Sarah and I after a hike up to Barr Camp in August
Mike and I drove out to hike San Luis Peak in September, 2009 and brought Princeton and Cali
They were pretty pooped out after a long day of hiking!
On the summit! On our way up. The pictures are backwards, apparently!
On the top of Kit Carson with Challenger in the background. August, 2009 I think
August, 2009
This was atop the toughest hike of my life to this point! Such a rewarding experience! I can't wait for more challenges next summer!
Crestone Needle after the traverse from Crestone Peak
Crestone Peak...again pictures are backwards!
Here's Cali on her way up her first 14er! My friend Clark joined us up Missouri Mountain in August, 2009
She's such a good little hiker! She especially loves it when there's water to cool her off! Took a trip the end of July 2009 to the San Juans-they were gorgeous!
More of the San Juans
Don't remember what this one was, but gorgeous, huh?
Whew! That was a lot, but now I feel like I'm at least a little caught up :-)
I hope the 5 of you that actually look at this blog enjoy it!


Tara said...

thanks for posting and catching us up!!! i was just looking at some of our pics today.... miss our trip! miss you! hugs,

Jane said...

Awesome!! So fun to see all your photos!

Mindy said...

Yeah! The two people that read my blog commented ;-) Love you both! More from South America are coming soon!!