Monday, March 24, 2008

A Beautiful Day on Quandary!

Quandary Peak, 14,265 ft

What a beautiful day we had! Here we are, all geared up and ready to go! In less than 15 minutes, however, I'd shed at least two layers! "Start cold," one of these days I'll learn!

Ryan, David, me, Lauren, Dave and Zach

On our way up, with a gorgeous clear blue sky!

Zach and me

Still going...

Ryan and Lauren, taken a breather

Above treeline. We stopped for a little lunch and continued on our way.

Here is the first view of what I think is the summit!Getting closer...Zach went on ahead of us and made it to the top three times before the rest of us caught up to him. Here we all are! I was so proud of us, for some of us it was our first winter summit, and others their first 14er summit! Way to go!! David, Dave, Ryan, Lauren, Zach and me

And now the fun part-down, down, down!Taking a quick break to enjoy the view! We made it! Back at the trailhead for a victory photo :-)


Heather said...

Hey Mindy! Congrats on Quandary!! We'll have to get out sometime soon!

Tara said...

wow! i can't believe that! in snowshoes! thanks for posting-i've missed reading about your adventures!!